Celebrate – Being Single!

    Do you have fear of getting married? Well, sure you aren’t alone with the same kind of pensive thoughts. Yes, when we talk about current boomer generation, they have this fear of commitment for lifetime. The aspiration to achieve everything yet they feel their dreams may get compromised after getting married to somebody. Even people work hard to achieve something and they want to spend life on their terms.

    People normally shows a fervent attitude that they are actually sacrificing a lot of things while entering into marriage. Also sometimes people have fear of rejection. What if things didn’t work out? What if someone remains unfaithful? Does the interest in marriage will remain lifetime? Some of us don’t like to carry social and mental baggage. Sometimes a substantial amount of compromise in a traditional prospect isn’t felt exciting. You are free to go after every opportunity and to look after yourself.

    One does not need to apologize to anybody if you don’t find marriage a suitable bond for you. As I read somewhere “Every rose has its thorn, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a ton of pricks,”

    But you need to prove sometimes that you can survive all the difficulties and challenges on your own. One may have enough space in his/her heart, still our society think that life isn’t easy being single. In your mind you never feel alone but in society norms, they may consider you are obnoxious and objectionable.

    Even sometimes some of us won’t allow anyone to control our lives after the marriage. Parents sometimes take it as paranoid as they feel offended by the society norms and sayings. But some of us want to explore the world, taking important career decisions all alone on their own terms and beliefs. Yes people may have opinion about you but after all it’s your life in the end. People may calculate pros and cons but still one’s life can be manageable with your own perceptions and values. However, just make sure you know the down points of remaining single.

    Being single is not a sign of weakness and selfishness. In a view of another perspective it is a sign of courage and strength. You may give more time to parents, relatives and friends. On a contrary it is always said that life could not be spent alone. Some people have problem facing loneliness. But research says people even feel lonely while are in relationship or married. There are some places in this life where you can only go alone, sole journey which satisfies you with everything. Of course there’s difference between being satisfied and being content.

    Even the uncertainties of life create doubt in everyone’s life. In the last, we need to accept someone’s choice to remain single or committed throughout his/her life span. We all have our own independent voice and choice. So we need to respect that choice!

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